Monday, October 31, 2011

Sugarpill: Burning Heart Palette

Hey, I know I promised my beautiful readers I was going to be doing a full review of the products I've purchased from Sugarpill Cosmetics.

In my first purchase I got thr Burning Heart Palette ($34 USD) that includes Flamepoint, Poison Plum, Love+, and Buttercupcake.

Flamepoint is a very bright matte orange. Highly pigmented

Next is Poison Plum, this is a very deep purple, (if you saw the very first Barney you can have an idea). This is also a color that can be used year around and it can be combined with almost every color you can find. The down part is that every time I put it on I am never able to take it off completely and it leaves a very noticible stain on my lids or crease. It also has a little bit of shimmer.

Love+, is a beautiful intense red that if combined the rigt way any girl can rock it like a rockstar, I adore this color for very dramatic looks, uwing purple, black, orange or white. Gold or silver also go very well. If used with an angle brush just as a liner it looks beautiful giving just a hint of color that would make any eye pop.

Last but not least Buttercupcake is the ultimate yellow, I've spent years looking for the perfect yellow and it wasn't until I got this palette that I found it, the texture is silky and it blends so nice is perfect. I wear this color almost everyday because I love how it looks by itself, with the other colors, with gold, with brown, other shades of yellow, greens, every color goes with it. 

If I would have to grade Sugarpill products I would give it A+++ because they are easy to use, the blend flawless, they are vegan (which is a plus) their colors go with almost every skin tone the packing is gorgeous (even though is a little heavy) and they have a mirror (another plus).
Why get this palette?

You will not find colors so true in todays cosmetic market. I can say I love this more than MAC, yes the palette is 34 USD but the shadow pan is the size of a MAC blush, what means that you get a lot of product for the prize.

On the next review I will be talking about more Sugarill stuff so stay tuned.

Announcement, soon I will start recording tutorials for you tube and posting them here so stay super tuned.

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