Monday, May 16, 2011

My Crazy NYX Cosmetics sale experience!

I’ve been expecting the NYX Cosmetics 12 year anniversary sale for a week Most of their items would be $1.20. Today was finally the sale (starting at 12 PM PST until 12 AM PST) I’m in Eastern time so I knew it was going to start at 3 PM ET. My first intent to get in the site was at 3:01 PM (I was here all along to be from the first in.)

Then the problems began:

  • NYX did not prepare their servers for such bizarre sale.
  • They never thought that social networking was going to be such a huge impact on their sales.
  • I take a wild guess and was not prepared for the servers to crash right in the middle of the sale. (They warned people that they had limited quantities, and to get in the site ASAP so you could get what you wanted)
  • People are upset because they can’t get in and shop for the things they wanted.
  • It was an hour into the “sale” the site was still down. Worse than that they had to take it offline.

It was 3 and half hours since the site crashed. I was still waiting because I really want some of those products they are offering =)

After 4 hours of trying nonstop to get in the site I gave up, I figured no one was going to be able to shop anyways because the page was not responding.

 I woke up about 8 am and I got in to see if I could do my final purchases, I put everything I wanted in my cart (took me about an hour or so to do it). When it was time to checkout forget it. It was a nightmare. I remember this sale last year and I don’t know if it was the lack of traffic or what but I could check out fine with no problems or hassles.

The reps from NYX said they were prepared for the traffic the site was going to have; many things say the contrary though. After almost 4 and a half hours of trying to checkout I fail, and finally I give up.

Share your experiences.


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  2. That is a terrible story lady and so sorry you didn't get to place an order. I've heard of sites having issues before but nothing as bad as this....