Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ebates: get cash back for purchases

I want all of you to know that every time I post something on my blog I make sure that it works and that is legitimate.

So let me talk to you about this site called This is a wonderful site I stumbled like a week ago where you receive cash back's for every purchase you make (so literally you are spending less than you think you are). You can get up to 26% cash back on purchases.

You can find almost every site imaginable. From Home Depot to Sephora (which BTW offers 12% cash back). At one point I thought it was fake but today I got a notification on my email that they were giving me the 12% of what I spent back. Cool isn't it? Know what is the best part? You can receive your money either by check or via PayPal (which I find COOLER). Well again check that site out. Register, don't hesitate I can assure you it is NOT fake! =)

Here is the link if you didn't click on the top one

Try it! =) and give me feedback onces you've tried it once.

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