Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: Purple Lab Fat Lips Skinny Hips

Hey gals, since I saw Purple Lab's Fat Lips Skinny Hips (info here) I wanted to try it, but for a lip gloss it seemed quite expensive, two weeks ago I went on to see another beauty product offer, but I didn't consider it. I stumbled upon a very good deal (2 for $7 while the MSRP is 25.00) so I bought them. This lip plumper hoodia, what can calm your food cravings.

The package is super cute, in purple and pink. The inside of the box is really weird, it has like a smaller box space where the lip gloss goes, It's a waste of space. Another weird (but creative) thing about this brand is the  names of their products.

The one's that I got are called No Panty Lines (clear) and Kitty Pole dance (old pink with sparkles).

After testing this product I am really disappointed, I should've read more about it. The pink one has no pigmentation what so ever, it goes on clear and it smells pretty weird, I guess it is because of the Hoodia. What I liked was, that after 10 minutes you can see the difference in your lips, it makes them look fuller (not injected) and it's not sticky. It also carves your cravings but not for long... Make sure to have a back up plan. =)

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