Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: Facefront Artistic Pigment Swatches

Hello my beautiful readers, hope you are having a stylish awesome weekend. Today I will to talk about my latest craze, FaceFront cosmetics. As right now I'm in love with this brand, they have so many pretty swatches and one of the best eyeshadow bases I've ever used. First let me tell you about the brand, their products are vegan (that means they don't test on animals, nor use things that come from animals), minerals, and eco friendly.

Why I love these pigments?

They have the prettiest swatches, they are really pigmented, you can use them wet or dry, and they come in a variety of finishes; from matte to steel finish. I currently own: Bee Incredible, Death By Rubies, Symphonic, Sea Soldier, Black Jax (cream liner and eyeshadow), and Weekend Warrior.

These make up pigments sell for 10.50 USD each at  The pigments have 5g and the cream liner/shadow has 2.3g, this brand also makes lipgloss, blush, finishing powder, bronzer and a brow/eye base called Survival Paint.

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