Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Hight Voltage Eye Primer

Yesterday I went to the mall because I needed a new eyeshadow primer. I've been reading about how amazing the new High Voltage eye primer and I also wanted to get a new Sephora by O.P.I nail polish (I'm obsessed with them -will show my collection later-) So I went in I asked one of the girls where the Kat Von D isle was (they moved it from where I was used to going) So I went there and got it in the Skin shade for $15 (a difference of $3 from the UDEP and the Two Faced Eyeshadow insurance).

In the past I've used Urban Decay Eye Potion, it did the job and it didn't crease, but after a couple of used the primer started thickening and at one point it was impossible to put it on, it also dried way to fast and it left patches on my eyes that later one when I applied make up would be a lighter shade. Now with the HVEP is different, though the primer is a bit thick if you blend it fast it won't leave patches. Not to mention that I wore make up for 12 hours and it never faded or creased, not even when I was working out. And the colors came out really pretty.

Pros: It won't fade or crease your make up, it's cheaper than the leading primers. It makes make up last a long time. You just need a dab to cover the whole eye. It's matte so it is very good to work on

Cons: the color won't match a lot of skin tones and it's kind of yellowish when it dries. If you don't blend it fast enough it will dry and become a bit sticky and you won't be able to mold it.

I consider this the best eye primer I've gotten up to date, it delivers for my needs which are kind of high because of the level of humidity in the Caribbean. But I can't judge for everyone out there. Please make sure to test it out in the store just in case you don't like the texture or how it covers the flaws in your eyes.

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