Wednesday, September 22, 2010

O.P.I Review

I've neve been so obsessed with nail lacquer like now. I'm 20, it's my time to be a girly girl. I've bought literally almost every single brand on the market -well that's an exaggeration- my mom work as a nail technician, so she had a ton of them. I was always painting my nails. But I never knew why it took so long to dry. I was always mad when I did my nails because I couldn't even open the door without getting my nails ruined.

Sooooooooo... I got a couple of these O.P.I lacquers wow I was impressed, how fast it dries and how pretty it makes my nails. I can say it's not messy, long lasting and best of all it won't dry inside the bottle ++++... A day I was walking in the mall and I saw the brand newSephora store. So I went inside, and I saw these limited edition O.P.I made specially for Sephora and I bought 3 of them that day ($9 a piece). I have to say the price is a little high but it is worth it! There is nothing prettier than a cute nail polish.

At the beauty shop that I go is (4.50) and the colors were the ones in the web page. So it's pretty accurate, right now I own the Base coat and top coat, and some colors (Moon over Mumbai, I'm not really a Waitress,Eiffel for this color, Underwater Fantasy (exclusive of Sephora) and Studs & Stilletos (Brand new for Sephora's fall collection.

Soon I will be posting pictures it's just that my nails are to short for you to see the colors =)

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