Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review: Clean & Clear products

I've been suffering from acne as long as I can remember -it's hereditary- and I have struggled so much to keep my skin clear that I think it is almost imposible to do it. I've used every drugstore product you can find; I've gone to the dermatologist but nothing -I was affraid of buying Proactive because some say if you stop the usage your skin will break out worse than before-.

When I first spotted the Clean and Clear Advanced it was almost as expensive as buying Proactive, but then after a while I was able to spot it at Wal-Mart for only 20 dollars -3 piece set which included the wash (that its main ingredient is Benzoil Perozide that is a potent acne fighter), then there is the moisterizer and the spot treatment- The price was tempting so I decided to give it a try. I was surprised when my skin started to clear out and I had no bumps or redness in my skin. I was so stunned I couln't stop taking pictures and not wearing any makeup at all. I highly recomend this product to anyone that is looking for an acne solution. It really works wonders and the spot treatment is the best because it is a clear solution that you apply to the affected area and boom! the next day or a couple of hours later the zit is gone!

Pros- It works fast, its very inexpensive, you can find it in any drugstore or deparment store. It works very good with normal-oily and oily skin, because you won't feel like it's drying out.

Cons- every time I used the face wash it ultimetely would get my clothing stained =( I don't recomend it to people that have a normal-dry or dry skin, because it would dry it out more, I found that if I used the moisterizer every day it can make it more oily than it normaly is, so use it only when you feel like the skin is drying out

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