Saturday, September 5, 2009

Perfumes vs Perfume extract

Well the last couple of times I've bought a perfume they seem to get more expensive. The last one I bought it was $74. And that is way to much for just one bottle of perfume. One day I was walking down the mall when this girl stops me at her cart and asks me to test one of her extracts, so I asked her what perfumes did she had for girls, she started mentioning these brand names and I was ecstatic, what left me more ecstatic was the price. A small little roll bottle will cost you $10, and the more you buy the cheaper they are. So I got one just to test them (I had nothing to loose after buying that 74 dollar perfume).

I got Pacific Blue from Escada, I was surprised when I started using it. It lasts all day and even if you take a shower the scent will still be there, and if you sweat it's even better because the scent activates and it lasts even longer. So I guess they last longer because they don't have any alcohol -which disolves during the day- I also like that I can carry them around in my purse because they are a type of roll on -like the little girls glitter you can find in the drugstores- That makes it good for when you are out and all of a sudden you don't feel the smell anymore, you just pop it out of your purse and roll it on. I highly recomend these.

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