Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: Wet n' Wild

Well I went to Wallgreens today and there was an offer buy one and get another one free. So I wanted a hot pink lipstick really bad. So I went almost running thru the makeup section and the only brand I found with a hot pink lipstick was Wet n' Wild. When I saw the price I was amazed it was less than $2.50 so I decided to buy it, because I had to pick a free item I got a hot pink Wild Shine nail color in 454D which is Lavender Creme -which doesn't look anything like lavender- for free. So I had some money left -my mom gave me $5 and I had some change- I got a cream eyeliner in black and another Wild shine nail color, this time in 449c French White.

I have to say the results I had with these items I purchased for $5.54 where amazing. The hot pink lipstick is really shinny but not sticky, it looks amazing, it blends well with the color of your lips and is really creamy. The eyeliner was very easy to apply it doesn't mess up and the outcome is awesome -it comes with the angle brush- the same I have to say about the nail color it looks really bright, it dries fast, and with one application the color covers perfectly I would highly recommend you to buy this product at any department/drugstore you can find. Because it's cheap and it gets the job done. I have to say that is good value for the price

Lipstick shade example:

Hot pink nail color:

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