Sunday, August 23, 2009

Most have Girly Gadgets

Top Girly Gadgets

There are so many things a girl cannot live with out. So many high tech things that make a girl so much beautiful just because it accessorizes her. Me talking from a girls point of view can’t live without so so many things. This entry is basically a recap of the things that a girl must have.

iPod: The iPod is such a great accessory for a girl that is ridiculous. If you own an iPod you basically have almost everything that could make a girl happy, music, videos, games and so much more. If you own and iPod Touch than that is a super sexy thing for a guy because there are so many apps for them it’s stupid! Recommendations: I can say by experience the iPod is almost indestructible if you take care of it. But if you are a clumsy girl just add a funky colored rubber cover so you don’t have a problem if it falls or gets hit by something.

Cellphone or Smart Phone: I swear there are so many options for cellphones but I guess girls get attracted to what’s super in for texting or surf the web. Like the blackberry’s or the iPhones -which have so many apps, just like the iPod touch- I don’t know any girl that doesn’t enjoy texting her friends or be in touch with people via Twitter, Myspace or Facebook.

Laptop: Desktops are sooooo out -unless is an iMac which has the smallest keyboard ever- I guess a laptop is something so personal as the underwear we have. This is something we can take anywhere and with the technologies used now-a-days is a must have for any girl that wants to be IN. Why? because you can take your work where you go, you can finish things much faster in a laptop than in a desktop, and you have the same functions of the desktop in your hands. Just have to pick the perfect one. These days they start as low as $300. Recommendation: If you have money, please do not just settle for the cheapest thing you find, to me Windows vista is far from good, so I highly recommend a MacBook, MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro, depending on what you are doing with it, They start at $1,100 but I can say that is not a waste of money is an investment for a long time, because they are long lasting an the OS is high performance, and you can also do basically everything you can do in a PC and they are also environment friendly.

External Hard Drive: I sayyyy something to you; CD’s are so out these days, just because they get ruined after a while, and you spend more money buying CD’s than buying an external hard drive, they can start as low as $80 and is a MUST HAVE, because you can everything from music, files, to program installers, and everything else that stores in your hard drive. Recommendation: The best thing is to label the folders inside so you know what they contain. You can also store everything you have important from your computer as a back up; if you need to reset your computer to the defaults you won’t loose any important files because you have them inside the EHD.

Digital Camera: Cheeseeee everywhere you go, you must take pictures, which is a plus for scrap-bookers, because they will have a ton of pics to choose from. The thing is choosing the right camera for your budget and your expectations. Don’t try to take a high resolution picture with an 6 MP camera, because it won’t happen, if you want to use it as a work basic -example bloggers like me that sometimes make picture tutorials- need a better camera. I can highly recommend Nikon, Kodak -not less than 12.1 MP, because the pics are dreadful- Canon -which can be a little expensive, but it takes impressive pictures-, and fujifilm -which can be consider less expensive but with an astounding quality.

Digital Picture frame- This is one of the greatest inventions and I guess it was ment for women because, woman would love to have pictures everywhere. What would be the idea of having a mess of pictures around when you can buy a digital picture frame, insert your Memory Stick so you can watch all your fav pics over and over again.

Well this is just the beginning of my list... I will keep you guys updated!

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