Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 thing women do to scare men away

10 things women do to scare men away

If we want to make our relationship more serious we should avoid doing these things I will tell you now:

1. TRY TO GO TO FAST. This will make your man feel pressure something that no men like, if you want to go to fast, he’ll think you are a stalker or something creepier. So try to avoid going to fast. Just remember slow and steady, it’s a better way to do things. Ohhh and did you know that because women want to go way to fast the relationship fails in a point of it.

2. SELF CENTERED GIRL. Don’t be egocentric. That is the worse thing a woman could have, it lacks of taste, it gives the impression that the person is self-centered and only wants a relationship that has her as an individual, not getting to share things between them because it’s always me, me and me. Oh let’s not forget the women who always feels fat even though she is 100 pounds.

3. DO NOT EAT. The last sentence of #2 takes us to this part. Men don’t like women that go to a restaurant and order just a glass of water or some diet soda. Then why did they even bother to take you to a restaurant if you wouldn’t eat. Men like women that eat without being to concerned that tomorrow they will have to work twice as hard at the gym. So please indulge yourself just for a night. The gym will still be open tomorrow.

4. FIGHTING FOR NO STUPID STUFF. If he wants to play video games and you don’t like video games make a sacrifice, because they make one when they have to go to the mall with you and don’t say a thing about it -most of the time-. They do boring stuff for you, try and bond with them, even if you have to watch sports all night.

5. TRYING TO FIND THE PERFECT MATCH. News flash that perfect person does not exists, men are humans, humans are animal and therefor they will always do what they body and biological needs tell them to. Don’t try to find a guy that is to sweet, that remembers every little detail there is to remember. Just let them be themselves. REMEMBER: No man changes for a woman the way they treat you when you are a couple is the same way -or- worse they will treat you when you get married.

6. JEALOUSY. Men HATE and I said hate with caps because they do; women who are jealous all the time. Some women have it so bad that they even get jealous of a guy friend. Their bromance isn’t intended to make you feel less important. Make you feel important. So love yourself first and don’t expect a guy to love you if you can’t give them a guy space.

7. DON’T WANT TO GO OUT. That is one of the worse quotes a guy could hear from a woman. They like that their girls could go and hang out with them. That makes them feel like you are supportive and have respect for who he is.

8. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR MAN. Please do not take advantage of a guy just because he is nice, and loving. Never cheat on these men. They are highly sensitive and they love women for who they are don’t scare them away trying to be a crazy woman... Love them and care for them that is the only thing they ask for. They also deserve respect. So respect so you could be respected. Love so you can be love.

9. NOT BEING INDEPENDENT. Guys like an independent woman. But be careful don’t over do it, if he tells you he is going to pay the bill ask him if you could pay half, if he says “don’t worry about it I’ll pay for it” then DON’T insist to pay for half just go with the flow. But be open to pay for your stuff once in a while.

10. ALL OF THE ABOVE. If you do all of the above. I am sorry to tell you this but you should go to a psychologist ASAP. That is not normal and guys like down-to-earth girls who they can share their thoughts with so, I please beg you from a woman’s point of view. Do not ruin your relationship acting like everything revolves around you, take advantage of them, or just want to make him “change” so he could be prince charming. FYI Prince Charming doesn’t exists, but woman believe there is a prince charming because of the darn Disney movies.

My last advice is please be yourself and don’t try to make your guy act like someone he is not just because you don’t want to feel ashamed by the way he acts when you go out. Try to be as tolerant as possible without going to the extreme of letting him manage your life, you need to be the pilot of your life. Make the most of your imperfect relationship, there are no perfect couples they all have their ups and down’s they just make the best of it.

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